Reginald George Harrold 1913 - 1996.

Seen above as a Captain in the Baluch Regiment 1945, and right - the Mills bomb that sparked my imagination!

My name is Simon Harrold and since an early age I've been interested in military history. My late Grandfather volunteered for service in 1932 and fought in North Africa and Italy during the war. He survived the war and was demobilised with the rank of Captain. He served alongside the Gurkhas and the Indian Army. (He spoke often of the culinary delights he experienced). He held the Gurkhas and the Indians of the Baluch unit to which he commanded in the highest regard.
"They are among the best soldiers in the world, as well as first class cooks". He once said.
Among his war trophies was an inert Mills grenade. Aged about 5, I found this in a shed and spent some time throwing it about. My parents alarm proved unfounded, once my Grandfather explained that it was harmless. Thus the seeds of interest were sown.

The exhibits are provided by collectors and battlefield archaeologists. We welcome photographs of relics that have been unearthed or interesting items from collections, and you can email them to me. If you wish you can add a brief description of the item, if it isn't obvious to me, and the circumstances of its loss (the unit to which it may have belonged etc).
We do not give exact map references for finds nor do we expect to be given any.

This is not a treasure hunters swap - meet. We only wish to illustrate the vast array of relics that have come to light over half a century after the guns fell silent.

In some countries the searching for such relics is forbidden. In all, there are risks. We do not seek to encourage individuals to either break the law or to risk injury or worse in searching for such relics.
Why do that when you can visit the virtual museum!

Militaria fairs or dealers are a source of items in far better condition than the ones seen here. To the best of our knowledge, all exhibits shown have been recovered by experienced archaeologists, who informed the necessary authorities of their activities and, in the event of discovering live ordnance have seen that it is disposed of safely. Where human remains were discovered, these were reported to the authorities and received a proper burial. In this way relatives can finally learn the fate of a loved one, and another missing soldier can be laid to rest in a fitting grave.

...War's a game, which, were their subjects wise, Kings would not play atů

Line from "the Winters Walk at noon").


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