An American MIA lost and found.

The Robert Cahow Story

A Soldiers Story.  

Lt. Manfred Rottenberg.

Distinguished Service Cross Winner Story.  

The story of Herbert Tauber.

The Story of B24 "Model T" and her crew.

The Tale of Two Tigers.  

Bakelite markings on German items 1.

German Helmet Liner Article.

Cleaning and Restoring Battlefield Relics.

In the Company of Heroes.
Clyde C. Schneider, Silver Star.
Elmer Debarea, A.S.N. 37246317. Baker Company 501st.
Paratrooper Canteen cup.

A Relic Gewehr 41.

The Fallen are still being found.  

Combat in Spring 1945.  

King Tiger tank turret from Schw. Pz. Abt. 501.

A soldier of the Keystone Division in Ardennes.

German Identity discs "Erkennungsmarken".  

American ID tags, a brief illustrated history.  

Allied head stamp markings.

German head stamp markings.

The story of a Panther restoration.

Tank track links.  

A Pioneer in Max Hansens Kampfgruppe.

Tracing German Identity Discs - Erkennungsmarken.  

A Rare German Halftrack!

The Gewehr G43 gallery.

The German Fallschirm Gewehr 42.

The Volksmaschinenpistole MP3008.

Rare MP43/1 assault rifle found in a Polish swamp.  

Know Your Wheels!  

The Tiger I Gallery.  

Souvenirs from the Deep U534.  

The Lost Cargo of the "Sante Fe".

Panzer IV Auskampfwagen H/J.

The PIAT anti tank launcher.

Jagdpanzer 38t "Hetzer".

Three German Fallschirmjäger found Germany.  

The "Kampfmittelräumdienst" visit.

The "Big Hole" digs.

An Ardennes "barn find".

M35 & 40 Helmets from Normandy & the Ardennes.

Politzei Helm from the NL.

Relic of the Fighting in Ardennes by SS Panzergrenadiers.

American T5 harness from Market Garden.

Mysterious M1 helmet find in Italy.  
Restoration of an M1 helmet.

Unknown X598  

SS Panzergrenadiere Soldbuch Ardennes.  

Digging a German Ammunition Dump.

Rare Gewehr 43 rifle scope box found Ardennes.

Little Belgium.  

A Canadian Sten gun.  

The Battle for Obergailbach winter 1944.

Rare US Paratrooper Engineer M1 helmet found Normandy.

Prisoners of War.  

The Recovery of PFC Rogers and Marquez. Updated.

Two More Heroes are brought Home.

A Relic of the SA from a German building site.

The evolution of Gasmasks - Luftschutz.

An Example of the Luftschutz decoration from Berlin.

The evolution of Gasmasks - Military.

Marksman Badge and a Ring!

M1 helmets recovered from France and Italy.

Another American Soldier is found! 

Ordnance found on the Battlefields. 

WW2 Battlefield Relic found in Afghanistan!

One Mans Trash is another's treasure 

US Army Hospital Italy. 

M1 Garand Rifle Restoration.


The Maschinengewehr 34.

German First Aid Boxes, Verbandkasten.

US Army Driver Badges.

A Dig at a Former Luftwaffe Fliegerhorst.

Privately Purchased US Army Buckle.

Relics From a garden near Utah Beach!

A kitbag and a story.

Lost during the Battle for Foy.

26th Volksgrenadier Division Tactical marking on truck tailgate.


Watch this space more exhibits will be added as time goes by


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