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Welcome to the World War 2 Virtual Museum. Fighting from the Normandy Bocage, the Ardennes, to the Battle for Berlin, what remains to be seen today? On this site you will be able to view exhibits that have been found on battlefields across Europe and beyond as well as items in private collections. The aim of this site is to give those interested in WW2 militaria a chance to view some of the many artifacts left behind after the battle. Many exhibits now belong in private collections or to museums. Descriptions accompany items illustrated. Items are attributed to specific units, if possible. In some cases we have also tried to speculate as to the circumstances of their loss in action. I hope you enjoy your visit.

How an idea was born, note on updates & how to place your exhibits in the WW2 virtual museum.

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All images, unless stated remain copyright ©MMXIII. LeRenfort. Please contact us before using any of the images or material on this site elsewhere. My grateful thanks to all exhibitors for submitting relics and collection material to this site. This is an apolitical site. No inference should be taken with regard to items on display - all are purely for historical reference.


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